International AstroInformatics Association:  Membership Rules

International AstroInformatics Association (IAIA; hereafter the Association) is an independent, professional, nonprofit organization maintained by, and intended to serve the world-wide Astroinformatics community.

The membership in IAIA is open to anyone interested in the field, and consists of the Professional Members (PM; researchers and developers working in Astroinformatics, astronomy, physics, data science, computer science and engineering, statistics, or any other related field; graduate students working on the Astroinformatics projects or theses may also be eligible), and the General Members (GM; anyone else interested in the subject, regardless of the professional activities). The IAIA administration reserves the right to grant, deny, modify, or terminate an individual membership at its discretion, if it deems it in the best interest of the Association and its Members. 

IAIA is governed and managed by the Executive Committee (EC), assisted by the Advisory Council (AC). These bodies have the sole authority in all matters pertaining to the structure and governance of the Association.  They also have the sole authority in representing the Association in any professional, public, or media context.

No member of IAIA shall take unfair advantage of another member of IAIA.  All Members of IAIA are expected to act professionally and respectfully towards the others.  Any violations thereof should be reported to the cognizant AC members, and may result in a warning or in an expulsion from the Association, at the discretion of the EC.

IAIA is not liable for any inappropriate or illegal acts or violations committed by its Members, be it legal, ethical, or professional.  All Members assume a legal responsibility for their own actions.

All Members agree to abide by these Rules; PMs also agree to abide by the more detailed Bylaws.